Jeff Pulver's Interview at Webcom Montreal


jeff pulver interviewed by kim vallee at webcom montreal may 2010

I felt honored to interview Twitter expert and Internet investor Jeff Pulver at WebCom Montreal a couple weeks ago (May 2010). Sadly, we lost the live recording signal two minutes before the end. But Jeff gave us enough insight in the 6 minutes we have to provide a unique experience. Hearing Jeff Pulver is fascinating. His keynote session at the first ever WebTweet Montreal was a hit. It included moving and inspiring moments about the power of social media to make the world a better place and to help us achieve our dreams.

We talked about how social media changed the name of the game for brands, how the rules of engagement has changed and that they are never going back. This means, that companies need to adapt to this new reality. For people, social media provides them opportunities to enhance their professional and personal life. Just think about how average persons became influencers.

Jeff is working on a book titledĀ The Connected Me, that I look forward to read. Thank Jeff for a wonderful interview that, I am sure, will inspire and give food for thought to everyone.