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How Restaurants Use Social Media to Boost their Sales


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On Why Consumers Brands need to be on Twitter, I mentioned that being on Twitter enables the brand who listens and acts quickly to benefit from opportunities, to test on a small scale concepts or promotions, to pinpoint what people really care about and even, to tailor to a new niche.

When done right, running a blog and participating on Twitter and Facebook can do a lot for a business, regardless of their size. Mobile restaurants use Twitter to display their current location. Restaurants often use Twitter to share their daily specials. Some even let consumers order their take-out lunch via direct messaging on Twitter.

But their messages go beyond pushing their products. Take Kim Gans of Sweet Flour, for example. Kim Gans highlights her customers and show that she listened by offering more flavors gathered from customers’ requests. I read on The Hartman Group that before launching their mobile truck, Molly Moon asked their followers on Twitter for suggested routes. Molly Moon wanted to cater to new neighborhoods. Having the input of their loyal consumers helped them to determine the best locations for their business. In a sense, these retail businesses use their blog, Twitter and Facebook as a real-time focus group.

Typically, small business owners have been more successful than most big corporations when it comes to tapping into social media. You can argue that small businesses have an advantage when it comes to social media since they have face to face conversations with their consumers at their shop. Small businesses seem better equipped to connect online. You can attribute their success to:

  • First, small business owners are less afraid to be actively involved in social media.
  • Secondly, they are authentic in their conversations. Using plain language does not mean that you are not professional.
  • Third, a restaurant, bakery or caterer is more agile to implement the customers’ requests that they feel are right for their business. By doing so, they could build a more loyal customer base. Plus, if his/her suggested flavor is selected, the customer will probably spread the word.
  • Fourth, as a local business, they can take advantage of what is going on in their community. They use that knowledge on what is going on now to drive customers in on a timely manner.
  • Fifth, they often speak from the heart and show their passion.

Make sure to keep track of meaningful metrics. This is how you can assess the success of your social media presence over time. Link the metrics to achievable business goals. It may be evaluating the impacts on your brand’s awareness, your customer’s satisfaction, your progress in developing a new niche market, the effectiveness of your marketing message, and how does social media affects your bottom line.

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For Bloggers, By Bloggers! And Marketers are Invited


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Hi, I’m Kim Vallee, the founding editor of At Home with Kim Vallee and CEO of Media Sidekick. I am thrilled to launch the blog of Media Sidekick. This marks the start of a journey where we will explore together the present and the future of social media marketing. We aim to become THE reference in social media marketing on the B2C market.

Together with our Twitter account, this blog will share news and discuss opinions about social media marketing and what it means for bloggers and influencers.

Social media marketing / social advertising are new. We are still defining the rules of engagement. I believe that bloggers should have a say in defining the best practices. To make that happens, I feel that bloggers, PR professionals and B2C brands need a platform where they can bounce off ideas, educate each others on what is important for each parties, and learn from what is going on in the market. We want to do our little part in making that happened. I hope that you will stay tuned and participate in the discussions.

About Media Sidekick

Just a few quick words about us. We are a Montreal-based start up that runs in stealth mode at the moment. We are building Media Sidekick to be a new breed of ad network that goes beyond the traditional banners. We concentrate our efforts around the needs of lifestyle bloggers (design, living, food, hobbies, women and moms).

I’m an also the editor of On the Web with Kim Vallée, which is about social media for bloggers.

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